The artist

Giuseppina Lesa is devoted since young to the painting and half the eighties years she experiments the technical calcografiches.
She frequents the International Courses of Engraving in Raffaello Academy of Urbino with the M.° Arduini and the International School of Graphics in Venice in the experimental techniques, with the M.° Licata.  
In 1990 she opens the laboratory of incision "La Punta". 

In 2002 she approached to the sculpture and in 2003 to the mosaic.
She has made to the A.I.V. (Association Venetian Engravers) and her job has documented near the File for the Nine Hundred Italian Art "Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz" of Florence, the Study of Presses of the Cultural Center "Le Cappuccine" of Bagnacavallo (RA), the Regional Gallery  " L.Spazzapan " of Gradisca di Isonzo (GO).   

She participates in regional, national and international reviews.  

She has published in 2000 the books "Senza Punta ", in 2006 "Appesa al muro" of the series Hidden Papers - Campanotto Ed. (UD), in 2010 “La pazienza del mistero” poems, Albatros Ed. Rome; in 2013 “Nemmeno la bestia azzarda”  poems – Campanotto Ed. (UD); in 2017 “Usa ogni cura” poems Il Convivio Ed. (CT).

She was born in Udine and works in Pasian di Prato (UD) in 53/55 Passons Street.

Cell. 329 8897433


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