Life and art

The Scrape refers to everything that we daily take for granted and we consider it of little value: a face, a relationship, the song of a bird, the tree, the vase, the prayer …

The Scrape: mixed medium and small-sized canvas techniques. Titles on canvases are in Latin, called "dead language"!

The Bridge as possibilities, opportunities discovery, connection, adventure, danger, overcoming, continuity, vitality, contacts of humanity, diversity compared.

The Bridge: small incisions, printed copy, with subsequent interventions of mixed media. Small plaster sculptures.

Faces, hands and feet humanity of men ever new: they wrong again, die again. Never the same faces and expressions of feelings never the same: the only human.

Faces, hands and feet: terracotta, paintings of small and medium size with a collage of images, word, imprints of hands and feet. Installation.

Plivicka, here and now! always more urgent the necessity of an immersion in the Mother Nature, recognized origin of the Life, healer of wounds, reassuring of good future, pleasant of works.

Plivicka, here and now! Cardboards of averages dimensions where the Nature, revisited, is expanded and it is intersecting of lights and shades.

Revisitations + S: is necessary to stay, in the silence, and to look back. The crossed road is a lot of and the references, boas of life is there! The awareness of the advance identifies itself with the specs, sometimes broken, of a staircase.

Revisitations + S: supports wooden of averages and small dimensions. Colours endings to the dark with wriggles of orange and red. The recurrent symbols are intersect emergent staircases.

Trips: the load is made heavy; the burden folds up the shoulders. The result of this trip, that is life, it is the same walk more than the destination that, veiled doesn’t realize…

Trips: big shiny slopes. Furrows, traces; symbols that point out. Low colors, sometimes more apparent.

The glass overflows: aware of the superabundant wealth what comes from the Good, I express thankfulness to the Life. The conscience of the limit creatures allows the confident abandonment.

The glass overflows: the colours, to water with ceilings to oil are tonal with red and cobalts. The dimensions space from small to middle/large. The symbols are: the glass - the altar - the bread

Germinations: the rebirth a new energy is disclosed inside. The bud was born after the long winter. The nature is made road, it takes back its course more strongly and rich.

Germinations: paintings of average dimensions with natural applications: branches, leaves, barks. Use the mixed techniques.

Liberatio: experience in progress… the liberty has let feel the demand being expressed. It is not an explosion but a daily conquest; in the small things you recognize that the road is undertaken…

Liberatio: fulltone, essential, in white and black. The sheets are small, the signs don’t need of supports, mute.

The crosses: serene acceptance of the suffering how mean of ransom and as only road for the knowledge and liberation of oneself. I am the cross.

The crosses: incision calcographic in white and black: I continue some preceding experience. Paintings (oil on cloth) of a small dimensions.

Hearts and other...: the swarm of life, the germination and the thought that goes to the search…the hearth in a positive anxiety that perceived - a genesis in to become, one opening of seeds. The life in her change is always a miracle also in abandons that open new roads…

Hearts and other... 
recurrent symbols: the road
the heart
the egg
the cluster
the seed
The cloths have dimensions least.

Heart: the denunciation has concluded: not more to say, but the behavior. And the behavior is the Love. The Love in the face of the other, in the face of the enemy, in the face of the nature, in the face of God.

Heart: the egg is made heart; it has widened for to welcome, is done sting with distrust or in formations without point… White and black but also warm, red, orange.

Genesis: the awareness of the life as cocktail of better and of badly; possibility of chic and liberties of the good with the price to pay. Search of oneself, of own origins, return to the Mother earth, to the maternal uterus, not as I shelter on the contrary ad awareness peaceful and serene of own genesis: departure for the construction of the future…

Genesi: the dimensions of the cloths are reduced but still ample, the colors are the earths: warm, harmonius, sure, calm. The egg is present as awareness of birth and part of everything.

Exhortations:  after an internal analysis not always pleasant and approved of oneself, is opened the road of the turned look to the sky: the hope begins her difficulty walk in the dark of the heart (search of the faith).

Exhortations:  big cloths (necessity of great spaces) colors still lacerated but intercalated of oranges and yellows. Gleanings, fractures and handwritings intense persist but the breach has declared.

Souls: the suffering handed to the introspection lacerated of the soul.

Souls: breakup with the figurative, beginning of a job informal and of search of the color as a expression of the lived one.

The faces: experience of the suffering: in first person not more spectator, but protagonist in the suffering.

The faces: realists, tragic: the problem of in the world, happiness in the madness and of the unhappiness in the rationality. The rocks unaware prelude.

Period symbolist: perception of the suffering as element “that disturb life”. Beginning of the discovery of the world in sense realist, but from spectator.

Period symbolist: female symbolism and of the nature; the well and the evil. The power (the kings). The possibility of the escape intellectual e/o physics (figure in the wind).

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